Mental Health Matters

Mental Wellbeing and Health  

Did you know that one in five Americans struggle with their mental health? According to Mental Health America, mental illness is a brain based condition that affects thinking, emotions and behaviors. Often there is a stigma around mental health, but it is okay to reach out for support.  

When someone is struggling with their mental health it means that their brain is struggling. It may mean changes in mood, the way we think, or the way we communicate. Many people are affected by their mental health. Just like we go to the doctor when we are sick, it’s important to keep 

Mental Health Matters our brain healthy, and get the support that we need when our mental health is suffering.  

Our Mood, Our Mind, And Gambling

Just as there is a stigma around mental health, there can be a stigma around gambling addiction. Those that are struggling with their gambling can often times be impacted by mental health conditions. We know that 2/3 of those who are experiencing problems due their gambling also have mental health struggles. In addition, 49% of those struggling with their mental health also have a mood disorder.  

Gambling can cause anxiety, depression, stress and low self esteem. We know that problem gambling and gambling disorder have a close connection with mental health problems. Sometimes we may not know what problems came first, so it is important to look at the full picture to ensure mental wellness.  

Know the Warning Signs

The warning signs of gambling can be easy to hide from others, so it is important to look out for these signs either in yourself or others:

  • Lying about how much you are gambling and consequently borrowing money to gamble and pay debts.
  • Using money for gambling instead of paying bills despite the consequences.
  • Feeling anxious because for instance you are unable to gamble or trying cut back.
  • Bragging about how much/how often you are winning.
  • Problems at work because you are being distracted by planning gambling activities.
  • Financial distress due to gambling and gambling losses.

Staying Mentally and Emotionally Healthy 

If you are struggling with your gambling and it is affecting your mental health, there are resources available to you. At the Problem Gambling Resource Centers we want you to be healthy and being healthy means reaching out for help with your gambling. Visit to find the resource center closest to you.