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It is important for those affected by the harms associated with gambling and people close to those with a gambling problem can suffer impacts that include conflicts in relationships,

financial strain, and feelings of anger, fear, shame or worry.

For more information and to get help,

call the NYS OASAS HOPEline anytime at 1-877-846-7369.

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The Problem Gambling Resource Centers provide services that focus on raising awareness of problem gambling and advocating for those in need.  These services are available to anyone struggling with gambling related problems, regardless of their ability to pay.  These services are multilingual since we strive to meet the needs of all individuals in each community.  Even if you aren’t quite sure what you are looking for, please call us. We are here to listen and provide you with information and resources.

Below is a list of services provided by the Problem Gambling Resource Centers.


  • Education & Training

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    Education & Training

    The Problem Gambling Resource Centers offer training and pertinent educational resources to a range of public and private agencies including community organizations, partnering clinicians and gaming industry employees. We are excited by any opportunity to raise awareness and tailor our educational programs to your audience.

  • Referral

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    The Problem Gambling Resource Centers inform the general public about problem gambling and are contacted by individuals from all areas seeking information and assistance.  Knowledgeable PGRC staff listen, evaluate and then connect these individuals to the resource that will best meet their needs.

  • Assessment

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    Outpatient services perform standardized assessments of all referred clients and use the information to map a course of treatment and determine any additional needs.

  • Treatment

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    Outpatient Services provide problem gambling treatment to individuals directly suffering from problem gambling, as well as family members who are adversely affected.

  • Recovery Support

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    Recovery Support

    Clients may also be referred to recovery support services such as Gamblers Anonymous and GAM-ANON. These 12-step, self-help groups provide support for clients and their families.

  • Voluntary Self Exclusion Support Program

    image: Voluntary Self Exclusion Support Program

    Voluntary Self Exclusion Support Program

    We can assist individuals interested in the Voluntary Self Exclusion (VSE) program by providing information and consultation services to support individuals through the VSE enrollment process. Contact us Monday-Friday, 9AM – 5PM EST at 518-903-0217 or email [email protected] to learn more about the New York State VSE program. For 24/7 support, call the NYS OASAS HOPEline at 1-877-8HOPENY. 

    VSE Informational Flyer