Recovery Month

September is Recovery Month! Every September we celebrate the strides made by those in recovery from substance use, mental health, and gambling. Recovery Month works to promote and support new evidence based treatment and recovery practices. In addition, it is the time to celebrate the strong and proud recovery community as well as the dedication of service providers and community members who make recovery possible. 

Problem Gambling & Your Recovery  

If you’re struggling with problem gambling, you are not alone. Help is available and recovery is possible. Problem gambling can impact many areas of our lives but know that there are a variety of resources available to you, whatever your pathway. 

Stories of Recovery  

  • “I’ve only been in recovery from my gambling addiction for a few months now but, working with my therapist has been so helpful. Each time we talk, I come away feeling more optimistic about being in recovery, my gambling addiction and, even, my personal relationships. His wealth of knowledge and teaching methods have provided me with better ways to work through issues. Thanks to my therapist, it’s getting a whole lot easier not to gamble.” Adam  


  • “I stopped gambling 100 times, but always went back, harder than before. I surrendered to my gambling addiction when I was handcuffed. Upon my release, I was introduced to the Problem Gambling Resource Center (PGRC) and began intensive one-on-one therapy with one of the many qualified therapists that work with the NY Council. With no access to financial resources, PGRC covers 100% of the cost. As I understand it, I was one of the first active participants in the program, which provided me with a foundation for my recovery and gave me the HOPE, HELP and TOOLS needed to move forward. It is NEVER too late, but do not wait! Call the PGRC and start your recovery, not only for you but your family and the people around you.”Scott  


  • “I honestly feel that the PGRC is a great resource. My very first call was answered immediately by the program manager, and she made me feel welcome and heard; huge pluses in my book. She made me believe she actually cared and wanted to help my friend with his gambling issues. The Program Manager and the PGRC provided my friend and me with vital resources to help my friend quit gambling and me, in my role as a supportive friend. Don’t hesitate to call the PGRC. The staff will speak to you like you matter and help in any way they can.”  – Anonymous Caller

How Can You Find Recovery  

There are many resources available to help you with your recovery.  

You may be unsure about your gambling and wonder if it is a problem. Self –screening assessments are a tool you can use to determine if your gambling is problematic.  You can take a self screen test HERE 

Podcasts are another resource to assist in your recovery journey. Podcasts are a great way to find support and strength in individuals who have found recovery from problem gambling. Read our BLOG POST about what podcasts are available.  

Reach out to the PGRC! The NYS Problem Gambling Resource Centers are here to help. We can connect you to supports and resources in your area, which include recovery meetings, therapy options, in-patient and outpatient programs, as well as peer support.  

Anyone, from any walk of life can experience problem gambling. If you feel like your gambling is getting out of control or causing problems, you are not alone. Reach out. We understand problem gambling and can help you access the support you need. Visit to find the resource center in your area.