Problem Gambling Resource Centers

Problem Gambling Resource Centers

Who are the PGRCs?

The Problem Gambling Resource Centers (PGRCs) are branches of the New York Council on Problem Gambling. Our PGRCs are staffed with team leaders and program managers who are trained and excited about helping individuals and families.  Our teams are knowledgeable on issues related to problem gambling.  They are also connected with resources and clinicians who can help individuals and families heal.

Why do PGRCs exist?

The New York Council and Problem Gambling (NYCPG) is a state wide agency.  As a statewide agency, it was difficult to make personal connections and build relationships across local communities. Our PGRC system was created to fill that gap.

Now, the PGRCs can address problem gambling in local communities across New York State.

What do local PGRCs do?

PGRCs exist for two reasons. The first reason is to connect individuals and families with problems from gambling to the help that they’re seeking. This means that our teams go out into the local communities. They identify providers that are interested in working with individuals and families affected by problem gambling. Our teams build relationships with these providers and connect them with the educational resources necessary. All providers are properly trained to help and support their local community members in need of help.

The second reason is to raise awareness of problem Gambling. This could be in the form of trainings to organizations and coalitions across local communities. This could be in the form of reaching out to treatment providers and other support services in the community.  It can come in the form of reaching out and/or training any group or organization. We exist to let them know what problem gambling is and how do identify it.

We know that our communities need to know about the problem so they can be a part of a solution.

Where can I find my local Problem Gambling Resource Center?

The best way to get connected with your local PGRC is to head to our homepage at  There you can select the regional team based on your location in New York State. Click on the region you live in and you will be redirected your region’s page. That regional PGRC is available for email or calls to help local individuals and families affected, and connect with professionals, organizations or coalitions. We are here to help.

Most importantly, if you haven’t been connected with your local Problem Gambling Resource Center, please reach out. Our teams are eager to make connections with individuals across their region.  They want to help build awareness, support services, and a network of individuals/organizations that can help.

Connect with us today.