The PGRC Program Manager

The Program Manager

Program Managers (PMs) play a couple of different roles. Their first role is to answer calls and take help requests. They’re really good at connecting to people, hearing stories, and finding out what the caller’s needs are to meet those needs. These are the professionals you’ll first encounter if you call our helplines.

The Role of a Program Manager

Program Managers (PMs) need to be versatile. They work with, and on, a treatment network.  This network is built of local clinicians interested in helping individuals and families struggling with problem gambling. PMs are responsible for recruiting these clinicians and explaining our program to them.  They’re also responsible for working with the clinicians on an ongoing basis.

PMs act as administrators for this treatment network. They make sure clinicians are licensed, educated and prepared to properly work with problem gambling clients. They help manage the clinicians’ caseload, connect them with supervision, and support clinicians’ success through challenges.

PMs reach out to community organizations to explain our services. PM’s explain why people should be paying attention to problem gambling. They explain to organizations how they can infuse problem gambling information into their mission and the problems they address. PMs do this while learning the other services these outside agencies have to offer. We want to know all services available to best support our callers.

With all this information, PMs build relationships with callers, connect callers with trained clinicians, support these clinicians, reach out to organizations, and connect people in need to services. Therefore, we aim to help clients through our treatment network and community partnerships.

How the Community Benefits from Program Managers

Program Managers (PMs) are in touch with the community. They are out in the community talking to people and agencies.  They have a finger on the pulse to know what’s going on in the community, with special focus on the issue of problem gambling.

PMs are available to the community. If someone’s looking for services, PMs are available to connect individuals and families to those services.

Sometimes people are calling about homelessness, intimate partner violence, trouble with bills, travel to a medical appointment, etc. They’re looking for help for problems that may be connected to gambling related problems. We’re here to support them with the reason for their call, and any underlying gambling problems.

How Program Managers Support Our Mission

Our mission is to educate people about problem gambling and connect people to help. This is exactly what PMs do, especially with a huge focus to connecting people to care.  They take great pride in making the best possible connections for people.  They do their best to get as much information as necessary, focusing on the caller’s comfort level, to make the best match for each individual.

How to Connect with a PGRC Program Manager

To get connected with a Program Manager (PM), you can visit our homepage at to select your region. There, each region has an email address and phone number. PMs are the ones to answer the calls from 9-5. If you call outside those hours, you can leave us a message and we’ll call back the next business day.

If you or a loved one is struggling with gambling related problems, we’re here to help you. Problem gambling can affect any person at any point in their lives.  We are here to help.