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Do You Know the Warning Signs of Problem Gambling and Finding Help to Stop Gambling?

Here’s the signs 

  • Lying about how much you are gambling. And consequently borrowing money to gamble and pay debts.
  • Using money for gambling instead of paying bills. Despite the consequences.
  • Feeling anxious. For instance, you are unable to gamble or trying cut back.
  • Bragging about how much/how often you are winning.
  • Problems at work. Because you are being distracted by planning gambling activities.
  • Financial distress due to gambling and gambling losses.

Here are some reason for calling for help.

Have gambling became a problem  for you or someone you love?

Have sport betting, mobile betting, lottery, casinos, scratch off , got out of control ?

You are not alone the Manhattan Problem gambling resources center can HELP!


All calls are confidential and free.


Manhattan Problem Gambling Resource Center PGRC Team

  • Sheena Smith

    Sheena Smith Team Leader

  • Deborah Lavaud

    Deborah Lavaud Program Manager

  • Betsy Wroblewski, LCSW

    Betsy Wroblewski, LCSW Clinician

  • Ronald Calderwood, LMHC

    Ronald Calderwood, LMHC Clinician

  • Ellen Friedman, LCSW

    Ellen Friedman, LCSW Clinician

  • Marie Colwell, LCSW

    Marie Colwell, LCSW Clinician

  • Rob Diamond, LCSW

    Rob Diamond, LCSW Clinician

  • Bill Hughes, LCSW

    Bill Hughes, LCSW Clinician

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