The Big Game and Sports Gambling

In recent years, mobile sports betting expansion in New York State has increased the opportunities for people to gamble. While gambling can affect anyone at any time, we know that an increase in access and availability can lead to problems.  

The Superbowl, the annual championship for the National Football League, is this upcoming weekend. You may be having friends over or maybe you are going to a party. It seems like a time of fun and socialization, but if you have a loved one who is struggling with their gambling it may cause more stress for you.  

You may be worried that your loved one’s gambling during the game may change their mood. Will they be upset if they lose money? Will this then affect your finances, or your relationship? If you are worried about sports gambling affecting your loved one, know that you are not alone and there are resources available to you.  

What Can You Do  

Educate yourself  

Educating yourself about what problem gambling is and how it can affect others can help you understand the addiction. By understanding what your loved one is going through it can help you have more productive conversations and know what you can do to provide support for them. You can find more information in our E-Book “Understanding Problem Gambling”  

Know the Warning Signs  

Problem Gambling is often referred to as the hidden addiction, as it can be easy to hide. By knowing the warning signs, you can identify a problem. Some of the warning signs can include:  

  • Is your loved one pre-occupied with the score of the game, instead of enjoying the game?  
  • Does your loved one gamble to celebrate good times?  
  • Does your loved one ask to borrow money, but you don’t know what for  
  • Do you see your loved ones emotions change when not gambling or when the outcome of a game is not what they thought?  

You can find the full list of warning signs here 

Take a Family Member Course has many resources for family members and friends who are concerned about their loved ones gambling. It can be challenging to figure out what to say and things can get lost in translation. The online course helps families navigate conversations about gambling behavior in productive ways. You can take the family member course here 

Reach out For Support  

It is important to know that you are not alone, and that help is available for you. Often, we worry about our loved ones and forget we need support navigating this problem, as well. Sometimes our family members and friends are not ready to make a change, but the stress and anxiety of their gambling can be causing issues for you. The New York State Problem Gambling Resource Centers are here for you to help you navigate these situations. If you are concerned about a loved ones gambling and don’t know where to start visit to find the resource center in your region and reach out for help.