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Local Help to Stop Gambling and Sports Betting.

Also, visit here to learn how to stop gambling. We share important updates as well as exciting activities here because YOU can help raise awareness about problem gambling and assist people with a problem. Finally, how to stop gambling and online gambling and slots is here in the Finger Lakes. Our team works to find the best match to care for you. Have you asked yourself, “How do I stop gambling or buying lottery tickets?”

Serving Rochester to Binghamton, Ithaca to Geneva, also Bath to Corning as well as Hammondsport to Watkins Glen.

Not in the Finger Lakes Region? Additionally, there is help to stop online gambling available across New York State:

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The Big Game and Sports Gambling


Thank you to Paul Caccamise and Lifespan in Rochester for helping raise awareness of problem gambling and providing our

PG 101 Training to staff this month…again!


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Help to Stop Gambling and Finger Lakes PGRC News:

Our Program Manager, Sarah Bryant, has been working hard to provide PGRC information to the Monroe County Court System.  Sarah’s focus is to work more closely with our local justice systems while also providing problem gambling resources to those in need of services.  Also, her work has started to take her into counties bordering Monroe, including Wayne County!  We are hopeful that next the court systems will include brief gambling screens, so that we can continue to provide referral to problem gambling treatment services.

The Monroe County Medical Society’s “The Bulletin” magazine features “Problem Gambling: The Hidden Addiction” for their May issue.  These copies will be distributed across Monroe County physician offices.

Take at look—The Bulletin – May June 2022 12-13 hotaling FL (1)


Next please watch our latest episode of “What Are The Odds” features Christopher Hennelly, an expert in tax filing.  He also reviews a lot of information on how to file taxes for those who gamble. Namely, the Finger Lakes PGRC is here to assist anyone who may be experiencing a problem due to their gambling, just as lottery ticket buying, casino gaming or sports betting. To sum up, help to stop gambling.

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Do you know the warning signs of a gambling problem? Additionally, if you need help to stop gambling, buying lottery tickets, betting on sports or even bingo? The Finger Lakes PGRC is here to help.


The Finger Lakes Region PGRC is a program of the New York Council on Problem Gambling, which is funded by the New York State Office of Addiction Services and Supports.  Likewise we are dedicated to addressing the issue of problem gambling within the Finger Lakes New York region through increasing public awareness and connecting those adversely affected with services that can help them.

Our team dedicates time to the positive transformation of lives harmed by problem gambling. This vision of transformation includes individuals with a gambling problem as well as their families and communities. Subsequently, with a focus on supporting the individual and reducing barriers to care, the Finger Lakes PGRC is truly the premier organization providing problem gambling services in the Finger Lakes region of New York State. Whether it is casino gambling, lottery tickets, sports betting or even bingo and raffles. We are here to help you stop gambling.

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Finger Lakes PGRC Team

  • Jeffrey Wierzbicki

    Jeffrey Wierzbicki Team Leader

  • ElizabethToomey

    ElizabethToomey Team Leader

  • Sarah Bryant

    Sarah Bryant Program Manager

  •  John Eichenberger, LMHC, CASAC

    John Eichenberger, LMHC, CASAC Clinician

  • Linda Casira, LMHC

    Linda Casira, LMHC Bilingual Clinician (Spanish)

  • Mary Reeves, LMFT

    Mary Reeves, LMFT Clinician

  • Craig Johnson, LMHC, CASAC-G

    Craig Johnson, LMHC, CASAC-G Clinician

  • Barry Schecter, MSW, LCSW-R, CASAC

    Barry Schecter, MSW, LCSW-R, CASAC Clinician

  • Nicole Lambert, LMHC

    Nicole Lambert, LMHC Clinician

  • Narina Schulz, LMHC

    Narina Schulz, LMHC Clinician

  • Cathy Saresky, LCSW

    Cathy Saresky, LCSW Clinician

  • Brigitta Lalone, LCSW-R

    Brigitta Lalone, LCSW-R Clinician

  • Patricia Goodspeed, Ed.D., LMHC, NCC

    Patricia Goodspeed, Ed.D., LMHC, NCC Clinician

  • Kevin Curtin, PhD, LMHC

    Kevin Curtin, PhD, LMHC Clinician

  • Dr. Matthew Kawiak, DMin, LCSW-R, CASAC

    Dr. Matthew Kawiak, DMin, LCSW-R, CASAC Clinician

  • Julia Dorsey, LMHC

    Julia Dorsey, LMHC Clinician

  • Megan Syfrett, LMHC

    Megan Syfrett, LMHC Clinician

  • Kevin Markman, LSCW

    Kevin Markman, LSCW Clinician

  • Catholic Charities Family & Community - Outpatient Program

    Catholic Charities Family & Community - Outpatient Program Monroe County

  • John L. Norris Addiction Treatment Center - Inpatient Program

    John L. Norris Addiction Treatment Center - Inpatient Program Monroe County

  • Dick Van Dyke Addiction Treatment Center - Inpatient Program

    Dick Van Dyke Addiction Treatment Center - Inpatient Program Seneca County

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