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Western Problem Gambling Resource Center staff will be keeping you up to date by sharing all the wonderful activities we, and our partners are engaging in to help raise awareness of problem gambling in the WNY area. We invite you to share what you, your organization, group, or community is doing to help individuals and families looking for help to stop gambling by emailing us at: WesternPGRC@nyproblemgambling.org.

You will have a chance to meet the Western PGRC staff, Angela DiRosa and Jeffrey Wierzbicki to ask questions and share valuable resources. We have made so many great friends over the first two years (yes, already!) and are looking forward to building even more long-lasting collaborative relationships across WNY!


September is Recovery Month

Gambling Problems Don’t Make You a Terrible Person


Often when problem gambling makes headlines, the focus is on the financial toll and the devastation experienced by spouses, children, and other loved ones. Although these are very impactful consequences of someone’s gambling problem, it can unfairly vilify the person without providing insight into their own struggle.

Problem gambling is the result of gambling causing problems in someone’s life, which may include poor mental health, conflicts with friends and family, financial trouble, and the like. For many, their problems can be the result of gambling disorder, a diagnosable behavioral disorder. As we have learned with issues related to alcohol or drug use, this behavior cannot be boiled down to a moral failing or lack of discipline.

Mental health issues could be the cause or effect of a gambling problem. Some people may have started gambling for fun but now experience a compulsion or need to keep gambling. Others may use gambling to escape worry, stress, or trauma in their lives. Either situation can lead to painful depression, anxiety, shame, thoughts of suicide, all of which can decrease the ability to make positive, rational decisions.

Certainly, there may be consequences for which a person with a gambling problem must take responsibility. However, to ensure that he or she can make amends for wrongdoing and avoid future problems, we must promote the individual’s and family’s health and wellness through support, treatment and recovery for problem gambling and gambling disorder.

The Western Problem Gambling Resource Center (PGRC) is here to support anyone being negatively impacted by problem gambling. If you’re dealing with problems related to your own gambling or someone else’s, call (716) 833-4274 or email WesternPGRC@nyproblemgambling.org to speak with a caring and knowledgeable PGRC staff who will connect you to the resources that will best meet your needs. Recovery and healing are possible.


We are happy to announce that REGISTRATION is now open for the 2021 NYCPG Annual Conference on Problem Gambling!

*Do you know someone who may need help with their gambling? Do you know the WARNING SIGNS of problem gambling? We are here to help answer all of your questions!


About the Western PGRC:

The Western Problem Gambling Resource Center is a program of the New York Council on Problem Gambling, which is funded by the New York State Office of Addiction Services and Supports.  The Western PGRC is dedicated to addressing the issue of problem gambling in the western New York region through increasing public awareness and connecting those adversely affected with services that can help them.

The Western Problem Gambling Resource Center is dedicated to the positive transformation of lives harmed by problem gambling. This vision of transformation includes individuals with a gambling problem as well as their families and communities. With a focus on supporting the individual and reducing barriers to care, the Western PGRC is truly the premier center for providing help to stop gambling in the western New York region.

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