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What’s New:

In light of the recent legalization of online sports betting, the Western Problem Gambling Resource Center wants to remind our community that local, confidential help is available if you or someone you know is struggling to control their gambling. 

Problem gambling is simply anytime gambling causes problems in a person’s life. These could be financial or legal issues, relationship problems, or issues at work or school. It isn’t always easy to recognize a gambling problem, and someone distressed about their gambling can’t just be picked out from a crowd. However, the following warning signs might indicate that it’s time to reach out for help. 

Have you or someone you know 

  • been absent from friend/family activities because of gambling? 
  • felt stressed or anxious when not gambling? 
  • seen low work or school performance because gambling has become a major distraction? 
  • spent money on gambling instead of paying for housing, food, or other necessities? 
  • been hiding or lying about how much time and money is being spent on gambling activities? 
  • kept gambling just to win back the money lost and “get even”? 

No matter how big or small the problems related to gambling are, there is support for you. Both individuals gambling and those distressed about their loved one’s gambling can reach out to the Western PGRC. Free, local, confidential help is available at (716) 833-4274 or WesternPGRC@NYProblemGambling.org 



The Western Problem Gambling Resource Center is a program of the New York Council on Problem Gambling, which is funded by the New York State Office of Addiction Services and Supports.  The Western PGRC is dedicated to addressing the issue of problem gambling in the western New York region through increasing public awareness and connecting those adversely affected with services that can help them.

The Western Problem Gambling Resource Center is dedicated to the positive transformation of lives harmed by problem gambling. This vision of transformation includes individuals with a gambling problem as well as their families and communities. With a focus on supporting the individual and reducing barriers to care, the Western PGRC is truly the premier center for providing problem gambling services in the western New York region.

Western PGRC Team

  • Jeffrey Wierzbicki Team Leader

  • Angela DiRosa Program Manager

  • M. Erin Koprevich LCSW-R - Grand Island & North Tonawanda

  • Lisa C. Sherwood LCSW-R - Newfane

  • Janelle Pysz LMHC - Lewiston

  • Daniel J. Ort LMHC- Buffalo

  • Charles L. Fowler LCSW-R CASAC-G - Buffalo

  • Bernard A. Huber LCSW - Niagara Falls

  • Adam Giancarlo LCSW - Amherst

  • Kris Sokolofsky LCSW - Alden

  • Stephanie Wesner LMHC, CASAC - Hamburg

  • Lisa Mann LMHC, CASAC-2 - Angola & Orchard Park

  • Jakob Smidt LCSW - Buffalo

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