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Listen to Angela DiRosa’s interview with Clay Moden on Country 106.5 WYRK

Western Problem Gambling Resource Center staff will be keeping you up to date by sharing all the wonderful activities we, and our partners our partners are doing to help raise awareness of problem gambling. We invite you to share what you, your organization, group, or community is doing to help individuals and families looking for help to stop gambling by emailing us at: WesternPGRC@nyproblemgambling.org.

You will have a chance to meet the Western PGRC staff, Angela DiRosa and Jeffrey Wierzbicki to ask questions and share valuable resources. We have made so many great friends over the first two years (yes, already!) and are looking forward to building even more long-lasting collaborative relationships this summer!

The summer is off to a hot start!

It was really great learning about the Financial Education Program at Jericho Road Community Health Center. We are looking forward to working with Tyshaun and the amazing staff at Jericho Road to build a strong partnership and connect individuals and families in the community who have been negatively impacted by problem gambling.

What are the WARNING SIGNS of problem gambling?


About the Western PGRC:

The Western Problem Gambling Resource Center is a program of the New York Council on Problem Gambling, which is funded by the New York State Office of Addiction Services and Supports.  The Western PGRC is dedicated to addressing the issue of problem gambling in the western New York region through increasing public awareness and connecting those adversely affected with services that can help them.

The Western Problem Gambling Resource Center is dedicated to the positive transformation of lives harmed by problem gambling. This vision of transformation includes individuals with a gambling problem as well as their families and communities. With a focus on supporting the individual and reducing barriers to care, the Western PGRC is truly the premier center for providing help to stop gambling in the western New York region.

Western PGRC Team

  • Jeffrey Wierzbicki Team Leader

  • Angela DiRosa Program Manager

  • M. Erin Koprevich, LCSW-R Clinician

  • Lisa C. Sherwood, LCSW-R Clinician

  • Daniel J. Ort, LMHC Clinician

  • Charles L. Fowler, LCSW-R CASAC-G Clinician

  • Bernard A. Huber, LCSW Clinician

  • Adam Giancarlo, LCSW Clinician

  • Kris Sokolofsky, LCSW Clinician

  • Stephanie Wesner, LMHC, CASAC Clinician

  • Lisa Mann, LMHC, CASAC-2 Clinician

  • Jakob Smidt, LCSW Clinician

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